OOAK D&D 5e Character Tome - Ms. Dimapikit

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About the OOAK D&D 5e Character Tome - Ms. Dimapikit

Put some (monster-riffic) life into your Tome with this one-of-a-kind D&D 5e Character Tome, made in collaboration with Jace Cuneta of The Owlbear Scavenge! The macabre Tome cover is imaginatively created by Jace from upcycled bags and fabrics and sewn by us into our signature Tome, perfect for dire adventures and dreadful investigations.

Ms. Dimapikit isn't taking chances: she's determined to devour on dastardly defilers pilfering your precious paper.

This tome is available only as a giveaway! From October 19-30, 2021, check out our socials to find out how to get a chance to win Ms. Dimapikit.

Cover design and make by Jace Cuneta of The Owlbear Scavenge, in collaboration with Hey Meepling.

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