Hey Meepling Printed Card

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About the Hey Meepling Printed Card

This listing is for a printed postcard-sized gift card to be combined with your Hey Meepling Gift Card order. Purchasing this on its own does not include the actual gift card.

This is not a substitute for the Hey Meepling Gift Card.

Why Purchase a Printed Card

While you can easily print out your purchased gift card to give, if you're looking for a little something extra to give to your special someone in person (or via mail), a printed card can be that very thing.

Printed on 300gsm cardstock using high-quality pigment inks, you can write your own personal dedication on the card (front or back) and give it to your lucky recipient yourself.

How to Order

Once you have your Gift Card selection(s) in your shopping cart, simply add this to your shopping cart, too. The quantity should reflect how many printed gift cards you'd like to have.


  • If you purchase one gift card and would like to give it to someone else with a printed card, simply add one Hey Meepling Printed Card to your cart. You'll get one blank card.
  • If you purchase three gift cards but only plan on giving two cards using printed cards, simply add two Hey Meepling Printed Cards to your cart. You'll get two blank cards.
  • If you purchase five gift cards and wish to give all five with a printed card, add five Hey Meepling Printed Cards to your cart. You'll get five blank cards.


  • Printed on 300gsm calligraphy-friendly cardstock
  • Postcard size (4" x 6")
  • Pigment ink