D&D Damage Types Planner Stickers

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About the D&D Damage Types Planner Stickers

Party adventure moving along so fast you can't sit down and put everything in order? Speed up your note-taking with a dash of color with our planner sticker sheet to note down Dungeons and Dragons damage types.

Each A6 sheet contains 165 1/4" circle stickers perfect for note-taking and bullet journals, consisting of:

  • 11 Acidic damage type sticker
  • 17 Bludgeoning  damage type sticker
  • 16 Cold  damage type sticker
  • 17 Fire  damage type sticker
  • 11 Force  damage type sticker
  • 11 Lightning  damage type sticker
  • 16 Necrotic  damage type sticker
  • 11 Piercing  damage type sticker
  • 7 Poison  damage type sticker
  • 10 Psychic  damage type sticker
  • 16 Radiant  damage type sticker
  • 11 Slashing  damage type sticker
  • 11 Thunder  damage type sticker


  • Size: each circle sticker is 1/4" or 8cm in diameter
  • Quantity: 165 circle stickers
  • Matte, printed with high-quality pigment ink, won't smudge or bleed