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About the Combat Mug

Get your natural 20s rolling!

Crit in combat and in real life with our Combat Mug. Keep track of your hit points and saves as you down that life-giving coffee or tea--while giving your awesome dungeon master your initiative, AC, and passive perception and insight stats!

Use a dry-erase marker to track your stats on our glossy combat mugs.

What's on the mug?

On the mug design facing you is a semi-anatomical heart with space for your maximum hit points, current hit points, and temp hit points. A death saves tracker is also available.

On the mug design facing away from you (i.e., facing your GM and fellow players), you can put your AC, passive perception and insight. Space for your initiative is also available so your GM can quickly check who goes next!

Perfect for those gaming nights in-person or online!

Wipe away your dry-erase pen marks before chucking into your dishwasher for maximum safety.


Material Ceramic, glossy white glaze
Dimensions 3.85" / 9.8 cm height; 3.35" / 8.5 cm diameter
Care instructions Dishwasher and microwave safe

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