Castle x Town Buildings Coaster Set

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About the Castle x Town Buildings Coaster Set

These 4"x4" double-sided cork coasters protect your table from your drinks, but turn them over and you're ready to run your epic tabletop adventures! Sold in singles and sets, build your own map using these modular "tiles" while being the fantastic, ready-for-anything host that you are.

Business in front, party (adventures) in the back!

About this set

This set contains:

  • 3x 10ft x 20ft rectangle building
  • 3x 15ft x 15ft square building

The coaster back displays a 4x4 grid with various building interior designs. Connect them to each other to build an even bigger building or metropolis!

Each coaster displays castle art on a white background on the front (or back!).

• Material: Cork
• Thickness:
• Size: 4" x 4"
• Grid size: 1"

Taking care of your coasters

Your coasters don't need a lot. They're naturally a bit water resistant, so feel free to use them as you would any coaster!

If they get soaked, please hang or put them out to dry. In case they do get dirty, you can wash them gently in room temperature water and some soap.

Coasters sadly do not get along with dry- or wet- erase markers.