Cover Upgrade - Say Yes to New Adventures (Other Colors Available)

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TOME ADD-ON This product is not a standalone product. See the product description for more information.

About the Cover Upgrade - Say Yes to New Adventures (Other Colors Available) add-on

What are Tome Add-ons? This product is designed to upgrade and personalize a Hey Meepling Tome. Make sure you have at least one Tome in your cart when checking out!

Choose from:
All-Purpose ā€¢ D&D 5e ā€¢ Call of Cthulhu ā€¢ Planner
Find out more at our Build-A-Tome collection.

Choose one of our evocative art covers for your made-to-order tome!

Upgrade your Tome's front cover to show your eagerness for new adventures! Simply select which cover you'd like to have (choose from four great colors) and we'll do the rest!

Designs available

Choose from the following colors:


  • FSC-certified acid-free textured book cover over 100% recycled FSC-certified 880 gsm book board
  • High-quality smudge-resistant pigment ink
  • Inner cover features annual calendar