Build-A-Tome: Cover Upgrade - Pleasant Purple

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TOME ADDON: This product is not a standalone product. See the product description for more information.
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TOME ADDON: This product is not a standalone product. It is designed to customize your Hey Meepling Tome. Make sure you have a Tome in your cart when checking out!

About this addon

Ensure that your made-to-order tome is entirely your own, entirely unique!

Upgrade your Tome's front or back cover to this relaxing, pleasant purple hue. Simply select which cover you'd like to upgrade (Front Only, Back Only, or Both Front and Back) and we'll do the rest!

Upgrades to plain purple color is FREE OF CHARGE.

Fancy going the extra mile? Personalize your cover with your name, your character's name, or any short phrase or word you'd like! +₱50 and leave your name or phrase in the Notes to Seller field upon checkout.

In fact, make your cover truly your own by sending us artwork to print for your truly unique tome! +₱100 and we'll get in touch after order confirmation to get your artwork.

We can print any design on the cover of your tome! Fancy your character artwork gracing the front cover of the tome? Perhaps your campaign's glorious map should be emblazoned on your campaign notebook? Or even a customized cover for your special event?

Important things to consider

  • For best results, your artwork should ideally be in 300 dpi (print resolution).
  • While we can print on any color of our regular covers, the print will have a tint of the underlying color (see listing photos). We suggest printing full-color artwork only on our Immaculate Ivory cover, but we won't stop you if you've got a great idea!
  • Try printing monochrome artwork on our color covers for a beautiful effect!
  • Included in the fee is basic positioning of your art on the cover and we will send you a mockup of the resulting cover prior to printing and notebook assembly. If you need more advanced image or artwork editing, please contact us separately!

If you are looking to buy personalized tomes in bulk, please contact us separately!