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TOME ADD-ON This product is not a standalone product. See the product description for more information.
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What are Tome Add-ons? This product is designed to upgrade and personalize a Hey Meepling Tome. Make sure you have at least one Tome in your cart when checking out!

Choose from:
TraditionalD&D 5eCall of CthulhuThe One Ring
Find out more at our Build-A-Tome collection.

About this add-on

Personalize your tome even more by adding more pages! Why be limited to 80 pages, or even our pre-designed character sheets? The sky's the limit!

Here are our most popular bespoke requests:

  • Building a campaign notebook as a dungeon master? Our hex sheets may come in handy. Mix them up with our plain, dotted, and lined sheets to make the DM notebook of your dreams.
  • Too many D&D characters to count? Put them all in one handy tome! Who needs extensive notes anyway? Put multiple character sheets in one beautiful notebook!
  • Playing too many systems? Don't be limited to D&D! We've got character sheets for The One Ring RPG and Call of Cthulhu, and adding even more options as we go along!

How to add more pages to your tome

You can add more pages to your tome in 16-page increments. Each set of 16 pages cost ₱100 each.

If you would like to add a set of 16 pages to your tome, choose one of the following options and add it to your cart:

  • Add: 16 pages of plain sheets
  • Add: 16 pages of lined sheets
  • Add: 16 pages of dotted sheets
  • Add: 16 pages of 1" hex sheets
  • Add: 16 pages of 0.5" hex sheets
  • Add: 16 pages of one Dungeons and Dragons character sheet set
  • Add: 16 pages of one The One Ring character sheet set
  • Add: 16 pages of The Passage of Years
  • Add: 16 pages of one Call of Cthulhu investigator sheet set

Place instructions on how to order these new pages into the Special Instructions field. By default, these extra sets of pages will be placed at the end of the notebook.

Page options

Here are some sample photos of the page options available.

D&D 5e Character Sheet (plain/dotted/hex/lined) - please see the D&D 5e Character Tome description for a table of contents for our character sheets!

The One Ring Character Sheet (plain/dotted/hex/lined) - table of contents coming soon!

The One Ring Passage of Years (notes, plain/dotted/hex/lined) - these are designed for use for The One Ring tomes, but adding them to any notebook adds a bit of flair!

Plain, dotted, hex (1" and 0.5"), lined sheets (TBA)