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About the Chaotic

A heady carousing, free and unpredictable: sweet rum and tobacco.

Express your player alignment with our new perfume line! You can now min/max your experience whether in game sessions or dinner dates. Each 50ml bottle of eu de parfum is carefully mixed by hand and crafted with love.



The local stream DiceCast interviewed Hey Meepling about the perfume line and offered their own takes on the different scents! Check out the stream at the 1:57:00 mark to watch the live perfume reviews.

What They Said About Chaotic:

"Whoa, I like that a lot. ...It smells more like aftershave, like you're trying to make yourself smell good for a first date."

"You know how rogues are dashing? That is what this smells like."

"It smells like James Bond."