5e Item Sheet Sticker

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About the 5e Item Sheet Sticker

Did you slay your enemies and loot their sorry corpses? Or did you help that NPC and they rewarded you handsomely?

Keep track of all the special loot your character has amassed over their adventures easy-peasy in your campaign notebook with this pencil-and-eraser-friendly sticker of a 5e item sheet!

While this sticker is not fountain-pen- or calligraphy-friendly, it is still a beautiful addition to that 5e character folio or tome!


  • Size: 10.4cm x 13cm (fits in an A5 or A6 notebook)
  • Matte writeable sticker
  • Pencil- and pen-friendly
  • Pencil marks are erasble with a white (non abrasive) eraser
  • Printed with high-quality pigment ink