5e Character Folio

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About the 5e Character Folio

Our 5e Character Folio is a hand-drawn, hand-sewn 32-page notebook that is ready for your hero's adventures in a hot minute! Designed to be light and easy to bring anywhere, you'll never lose your character notes or have to deal with random pieces of paper any longer!

Our well-loved 170 gsm FSC-certified acid-free paper will definitely stand up to all the notes and erasures you need to accurately describe and write about your character!

The D&D 5e Character Folio comes in two styles: Standard and Lay Flat.

Lay Flat Style

A sturdy bookbinding plastic cover serves as both notebook protection and space for a wet/dry-erase marker to keep track of quickly-changing statistics.

Standard Style

A sturdy kraft cover serves as both notebook protection and a canvas for your scribbles and art, if you so choose! Like our classic Tomes, treat the Folio like any other standard notebook of your choice.

Table of contents

 Page 1 Character statistics
Page 2 Inventory, backpack, proficiencies
Page 3 Additional features
Pages 4-5 Cantrips and spells
Page 6 Back story
Page 7 Personality
Pages 8+ Campaign notes
Page 31 Epitaph
Page 32

Skills and combat


Size Approximately 148 × 210 millimeters / 8.5" × 5.5" (A5)

Clear PVC bookbinding plastic OR 300gsm Kraft


32 pages


170gsm FSC-certified paper, acid free

Paper options

Plain, Dotted, Hex, Lined


Hand-woven single signature binding with waxed cotton thread

The Hey Meepling 5e Character Folio is designed for the fifth edition of the greatest tabletop roleplaying game, as permitted under the Open Game License version 1.0a. Hey Meepling is not affiliated with nor licensed by Wizards of the Coast, Inc., who owns the related trademarks.