CONTEST: Monthly featured character

We love seeing what you guys do with the Hey Meepling character tomes and folios, whether you go straight out utilitarian or bedazzle it with flair. That's why starting now, every month, Hey Meepling will feature one of your beloved RPG characters! And what's more, you will get a one-time 5% discount coupon to use on the online shop!

Contest mechanics

Please send your entries to hey [at] with the subject "Folio/Tome Monthly Feature Entry", along with the following:

  1. Your character’s name
  2. Your best photo(s) of your filled-out folio/tome
  3. A short pitch for your character

Incomplete entries, or entries not following the above instructions, will be disqualified.

We'll get in touch if your character is chosen for the following month.

Otherwise, don't fret--it's an ongoing contest throughout 2019 and your character will remain in the running for the next months.

Contest FAQ

Can I have more than one character in the contest?

No, we will stick to one character/entry per person! However, if you've submitted a character previously, but want to change your entry to another character, or update your character's photos, simply email us again with the above information. We'll always take your latest entry into consideration.

I've won before. Can I win again?

Only one win per year! We hope to be able to run the feature contest every year. Crossing our fingers!

The winners