OOAK Cover Upgrade - Ms. Makatitig

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TOME ADD-ON This product is not a standalone product. See the product description for more information.

About the OOAK Cover Upgrade - Ms. Makatitig add-on

What are Tome Add-ons? This product is designed to upgrade and personalize a Hey Meepling Tome. Make sure you have at least one Tome in your cart when checking out!

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All-Purpose ā€¢ D&D 5e ā€¢ Call of Cthulhu ā€¢ Planner
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Put some (monster-riffic) life into your Tome with this one-of-a-kind cover from Jace Cuneta of The Owlbear Scavenge! This macabre Tome cover is imaginatively created by Jace from upcycled bags and fabrics, perfect for dire adventures and dreadful investigations.

Ms. Makatitig will make miserable miscreants amend their machinations on your missives with her unrelenting and mulish mooning.

This one-of-a-kind cover comes with a cohesive front and back cover, made specially by Jace himself. Please check out the photos below to get to know your new monster notebook!

The binding thread we recommend is used in the photos below so you have an idea what it will look like once sewn into a Tome, but we can change this as you prefer.

Front cover (front, inside)

Back (back, inside)

Cover design and make by Jace Cuneta of The Owlbear Scavenge, in collaboration with Hey Meepling.

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