Limited 5e Character Tome in Gold Filigree

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About the Limited 5e Character Tome in Gold Filigree

This hand-drawn, hand-bound 5e character notebook is perfect for that epic backstory and adventure your character is on: 80 pages of heavy, 170 GSM calligraphy-friendly paper. Tomes also come in plain or dotted, which fills the rest of the notebook after the character pages; and choose between hardcover and softcover offerings, and all options allow you to lay the notebook flat for easy writing.

Table of contents
1 - Title/intro page
2 - Proficiencies
3 - Character stats
4 - Inventory, backpack, features
5 - Attacks and spells
6 - Back story
7&8 - Spellbook

(Also track your game schedules with a handy universal calendar!)


  • Size: approx 8.5" x 5.5"
  • Paper: 170 GSM FSC-certified paper
  • Pages: 80
  • Paper options: Plain, Dotted
  • Binding: Hand-woven open coptic stitch binding, waxed cream cotton thread