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About the Storyteller Cards

Storyteller Cards: Fantasy is a deck of 54 playing cards designed by Jason Tagmire and illustrated by Campbell Whyte.

Each card features an illustration with many unique elements. There is a character (featuring a unique race/class combination), interacting with a weapon and an item, completing an action, in a location. Each of these elements can be used to create something new, get you out of a mid-project slump, or just to have some creative fun with family and friends.

The cards also feature additional icons in the corners to help you dig a little deeper into storytelling, creating, and gaming. The icons represent a rank, suit, coin type (and either heads or tails), d20, gem color, and special combat resolution symbols (shield, sword, or scroll).


"Storyteller Cards is amongst the most versatile decks ever to grace the face of tabletop gaming." - Jeff Provine, Blogcritics

"As somebody who loves constrained writing and has struggled for inspiration lately, it’s also incredibly liberating to get the pieces of the story drip-fed to me and have to put them together cohesively, like a puzzle, on the fly."
- Byron Alexander Campbell, Entropy